Second Citizenship Consultants, comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the developments of luxury resorts in the Caribbean.

Acting as both a consultant to governments as well as a developer of world class hotel resorts, we have become a major stakeholder in the region to help assist both the public and private sector realise plans for large scale developments, with a focus on international citizenship by investment programs.

Having worked with various governments in the Caribbean such as St Kitts, Dominica and St Lucia since 2012, Second Citizenship has successfully launched a number of luxury 5 star resorts from concept design all the way through to construction and handover.

We have forged strong relationships with governments who need the services of Second Citizenship as an end to end service provider who can not only design but construct and deliver a Caribbean resort to the standards of a 5 star hotel operator.

To date, Second Citizenship has been instrumental in delivering hundreds of hotels rooms, creating thousands of jobs during construction and also during the operations of the hotels once completed.

The positive effect is felt to both the countries who benefit from the boost to the local tourism industry from new foreign tourists, as well as the positive effect with local on island job creation, to the boost to the local businesses who all benefit from the increased activity from the operations of these hotels.

Second Citizenship prides itself with the relationships it has built over the years where it has completed various projects while working in harmony with the governments and the local people.

Get in touch to see how we can benefit you from our expertise in resort development as well as citizenship by investment program.

Our Services

  • Design

    It’s all in the detail. From concepts to fabrics, everything matters. We believe passionately in creating original ideas by being aware of the market, the local context and always asking ourselves – who is this for and what do they want?

  • Concepts

    Whether it is a new build or the re-positioning of an existing property we like to be involved from the start to develop the concepts and vision for each project. We believe hotels should be individual, true to their location and most of all work for your guests.

  • Construction and Technical Services

    With comprehensive experience and infrastructure we create, design, manage and build hotels, resorts and branded residences. We are flexible, collaborative and will work together with you to deliver something unique with real value.

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